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In 1907 my grandfather Panagiotis A. Theodoropoulos, having learned the art and secrets of tailoring ecclesiastical vestments in Istanbul, founded our ecclesiastical enterprise in Athens. In 1956 my father Andreas P. Theodoropoulos, as a worthy successor, took over the business. In 2001, after a long apprenticeship at my fatherís side, I continued our family tradition.

For 109 consecutive years, my family, our employees and partners, lovingly and faithfully continue to serve the orthodox tradition of making ecclesiastical vestments. It was a distinct honour and a great blessing to have served our two great saints of the Orthodox Church: the popular Saint Nectarios Bishop of Pentapolis on the island of Aegina and the Saint Father Nicholas Planas of Athens.

We are pleased to offer our ecclesiastical tailoring services to fulfil all of your needs.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos




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